The Avengers: 5 Easy Steps to Assemble a Hit
May 6, 2012

Digital composite by Nick Fury

The Avengers has now clocked in with the biggest opening weekend ever, beating out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and having already made back most of its $220 million production budget in domestic take alone (it has already earned $400 million+ outside the US). What can other action filmmakers learn from it?

1. Give the audience what it wants
The Avengers
is not for fanboys alone. But it does have a core audience that respects the genre, thrives on the geekdom and needs the legend to be upheld. By doing so, it starts off on the right track and the WOM and opening weekend results will do the rest. With lots for non-fans to enjoy as well, it racks up bonus points and assures itself future franchise glory.

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